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OS : A Clichéd Scene May be But ..Arnav Is going To different

A Cliched Scene May be But ..Arnav Is going To different LOL
Ok , its my imagination , please raed and comment , as ordered by Arnav Khushi again came back to Raizada Mansion , and at night like every day , Aranv went to Anjali's room For dinner

Arnav Was At Anjali's Room

Anjali was sad , but did not ask anything , both the siblings finished their dinner in silence

Finally Arnav hesitatingly began , Anajli thought he may be apologizing for the lies ..And she felt only blank pain. She once again concluded in her mind she lost her lovely brother ..

Dee ..Buaji was not sick ..Khushi had lied ' to all of us ..

Anjali did not even blink , expected explanation , she thought may be Buaji might have told him about their meeting !

Dee . I don't know .. What to do ..i a helpless .. She felt pain in his voice , something no matter how angry she is at him can not ignore

She looked at him intently

Dee I made mistake , I , I Anjali once again failed , felt helpless in hating him , she touched his shoulders assuringly ..

Chotey .. Its ok ..

Not OK Dee ..Not Ok ..he raged ..he stood , turned his face away from her trying to hide his tears ..

I made khushi ,.. He paused she is doing all this because of the stupid contract ..

He instantly sat on his knees , and looked Anjali ,

Anjali saw him crying , she instantly cupped his face ..Chotey Ap kya kah rahey hi..

He laid his head on his lap crying more ..Dee Ap Janthey hi na ..when I am angry , I act wiered stupid '
And .. That day on Akash wedding, when I saw ' when I saw them together I thought Khushi is wrong '

He cried more words choked in his throat

And ' and ..i asked her to marry me , if not I told her I will stop ..akash wedding '
And ..that for 6 months 'and 'he broke down hugging her tightly ..

Only 10 days left .. I don't know ..dee 'what to do '

Anjali terrified by all his revelation , she always thought with not so little tinges of jealousy that Khushi and Arnav is in love ..But her e

Chotey don't cry ..
Don't cry

Chotey don't cry ..
Don't cry

Everything will be ok …ok don't worry

She is going to leave me dee …vo mujey chod ke ja rahee hi dee…and ..mey kuch nahee kar saktha …

Nahee chotey koee apko chodkey nahee ja raha hi …ap bas apney apko sambaliye …

Nahee Chotey .. Khushi apko pyar karthey hi ..She kissed his forehead … Hum Janthey hi
Humney Unka ankhon mey pada hi ..Ok …

Vo Bas , gussa hoga ..and …she smiled thinking of something ,

And I know apko Uhney manana Bahoobee se atha hoga …

Jaaiyee Uhney Manayiye ………..


They spend a little more time together , Arnav felt really relieved and happy He shared with her
And he went back to his room

-------------------- Arnav's rrom

He closed door the door behind him , right then he saw bathroom door open and khushi stepping out

He closed door the door behind him , right then he saw bathroom door open and khushi stepping out
She was still in her sari , seems she went to have a face wash , her face without any makeup , with the droplets adoring its natural shine , and the sindoor on the verge of her forehead mixed with water had started its trail down towards her perfect brows .
He knew when he not found any dress in his cupboard other than the paijamas its khushi's prank only , but do not want to confront her on the same day of her return .
Some where his heart he know khushi loved to see him in indian dress , NKs confusion in front of everyone and her quick answer just confirmed everything
He smiled , He wanted to know whether its her wish too , to see him in Kurtha or she just did it for his dee
She stared at him , pouted and , looked everywhere else , ignoring him
He did not ger irritated all his concentration was on the little red droplet of sindoor that was flowing down , he slowly inched towards her , he remembered how it felt heavenly when he touched her wet skin , he slowly rise his hands to touch her forehead and she in snapped him pretty forcefully ,
Khushee ..he groaned , that sindoor mixed water is ….
By then the water get in to her eyes ,paining it ..she said ..awh ..
going to burn your eyes …..
and quickly touched her eyes , which was burning , he closed the distance between them and took the towel and slowly wiped off the water , she tried to protest move him away , but he hold her in his iron grip with one hand while the other hand soothed his eyes ,
Her fighting slowly subsided , his soft feathery touches was giving Goosebumps all over her and finally when he wiped off everything from her eyes , he slowly blew on her eyes
She in a trance closed her eyes and leaned on him , completely shoving her weight over him
He smiled , as he noticed many times brfore his effect on her !
She felt him smiling , in jerk tried to throw away him ..
She felt two warm hands on her cold and soft waist , and locking he in its strength , making her stand still
Arnav felt the divinely softness and slowly stroked , she know she cant hold any longer with all her strength she tried to push him away , on the other hand his hold only tightened , he got angry at her attitude and in a tight hug grabbed her to him , completely gluing to him and cupped the back of her head and tilted it , so he can a have a clear view of every expression that she is trying to hide from him
Khushi , What You want ? Just tell me what you want Damn it ?
Hum Kuch nahee chahthey , bas das din ke
Shut Up Khushi …I am not going to leave you , You cant leave me ..I want you .
The other hand holding her back , stroked on her bared part of back soothing her anger and frustration
She wriggled , she found herself loosing completely and felt like a wanton shamelessly reacting to his mere touching against all her resolves, pathetically
In a wild movement she pushed him away ,
I know why you want me … You want me to , she chocked her words ..and pulled down her sari pallu down , exposing her voluptuous mounds
OK ..You can Have me !
She was sure her misguiding him , making him believe of her thinking of him like that will drive him miles away and awfully mad at her , to the point of throwing her out of his life for ever, Like she expected he stared her for a brief moment unbelievably
What ! , All my love , affection and care gone to nothing ..she believes me a sex starved maniac !
This cant be ..
She don’t want to give him time , because she knew well her eyes speak volumes of truth that he very well decipher , she don’t want give him time to read her , she cant hold any more , she found herself melting down any moment and an enormous rush to take sanctuary in his hug after speaking such awful words , that may have killed him a thousand deaths
What ..What were u saying , ..he fumbled unable to succumb with the new realization
She stepped 2 steps ahead in a rage ..ha …You want me right ..then you can have me …
While saying she took both his hands and placed it on her body ,and shook him
Common you can have me ..
Khusheee ..!
Now ..please comment and let me Know Your Opinion …
Ya I know its cliched , but Arnav is different and full of surprises … so …

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  1. Nice , I wish this could happen in the show , loved Anjali Arnav scene , Please update Soon


  2. Mmmmm.... Good move Khushiii... Caught him off-guard ainnit??
    Now waitin 4 wat Arnav z gona do!!!
    As usual fab update dearie... :-)

    1. Thank You dear .. I was wondering why nobody is commenting

      u guys all need pm in indian forum to reach a link

  3. Beautifully written what arnav will do now dying to know - arshirocks

  4. awesome......
    khushi&her old tricks
    hi hi you can't make asr a fool........

    1. thank you dear still working on the new look :)

  5. look for the blog....

  6. Who are you mee magica?

  7. hey i love ur storys n i was wonderin if u cud make one where khushi left arnav n didnt forgive him . And then she comes bak.coz arnav is on.the verge of death without her n they confess thier luv for each oder.

  8. Loved this thing


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