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OS : The Great Escape ( From Suhag Rath )

The Great Escape ( From Suhag Rath )
10 August 2012
Agar suhag rath se pehley hee bedwa tooti , tho suhag rath mey kya karveka pada …Poora Ghar toot Dalengee kya .. Ab god hee bachavenga apney Shanthi van Ko !
(If the bed had broken before suhag rath What ! Are they going to explode the house or not ! Now God only save our Shanti Van !)
Manorama with her usual taunts , sighed , but this time her non-senses made sence to everybody , As everyone was thinking the same .


A few hours ,before, before  going some meeting when Arnav approached  Anjali and nani and told them that he called the Panditji everybody was shocked , then the real wreck followed when he requested Payal to decorate his room for Suhag rath !

Shantivan was monotonously screaming What The! All the while
Nani asked instantly , after the first wave of tsunami of shock ,
Kya , ap ab kyun , pause …fir se kyun Suha..she hesitated
(What why are you asking now , I mean again for a first night !)

Thank fully NK was there , Naniji ..Nannav ka khushi ke sath bhangda ab Finish hua na .."

Akash "You mean Jhagda Nk .."

Nk; "Yup ..Good Move nannav .." he show his thump in admiration

009-2012-08-03 (1)

Arnav nodded and accepted , what else he can expect from him , because he asked Nk, not actually , when on the other day , Arnav was googling about Indian Suhag Rath Decoration , Like always NK peeped and Arnav had to explain him and NK Happily offered all his help , but he don’t know about Indian Style so he only suggested about seeking Payal's help, as Payal is Khushi's sister better know her likes and dislikes , same place , … and Arnav felt NK got a point and here he is ..

Arnav " Di .. Now I have to go for a meeting I will come before Pheres "
(English memes know u may all know what phere is .like 7 phere .)

Anjali" what ?  Phere … Shadi ?"

Arnav thought he should give them an explanation " Ya Dee When I married Khushi , as I was in Hurry and I asked One Panditji to execute the minumum procedure to get wed and that time we hadnt actually took the pheres , but now Khushi want all those pheres and all to feel like a real wife .. I think I should listen to her "

Anjali felt dizzy ,
027-2012-08-03 (1)

Arnav continued " And I researched complete wedding stuff , so these Muhurath and all , and I don’t want her to complain again for that tomorrow , (he smiled thinking about his cute crazy Khushi) I think I will go for a complete wedding , and u don’t need to take nay trouble , I spoke Aman , he will arrange everything for pooja and all ..Ok ..Now I m getting late .Bye Di ..take care .. Don’t forget to eat medicine on time .. Bye nani "

And he gone leaving a flabbergasted Raizadas behind

Thanks to Akash who grasped the situation and acted quickly remind them , that they don’t have much time left for preparation and they all get , set in to action with an utterly confused minds

As decorations where going on ..

Agar suhag rath se pehley hee bedwa tooti , tho suhag rath mey kya karveka pada …Poora Ghar toot Dalengee kya .. Ab god hee bachavenga apney Shanthi van Ko !
(If the bed had broken before suhag rath What ! Are they going to explode the house or not ! Now God only save our Shanti Van !)
Manorama with her usual taunts , sighed , but this time her non-senses made sence to everybody , As everyone was thinking the same .

Manorama … Nani made her shut up


Payal immediately rushed to Khushi , who was in front of mirror trying to figure out how to control her rising heart beat and in extreme tension , that came due to her well awareness of her Lard Governor , and his solid determination

She explained everything including her fear for Suhag rath ,leaving Payal in breathless laughter

Somehow she consoled her little sister and assured her nothing to worry , being a shier person than Khushi all she could explain was how to sit , and put the veil in various fashion and unnecessarily bring the topic of various weddings and the followed suhag rath decorations and fun in their Mohalla (street)

She was sincerely trying to remind khushi that it is a fact and almost all married girls had gone through this and she too , but still failed to explain the technicalities .

Khushi Meeti ke suhag rath mey . We all hid Papad beneath the bed sheet remember and when jeeju sat and he fell out of shock …she laughed like a goat to ease herself from the huge responsibility that came on automatically for being an elder sister , she really wanted to help her sister whose face was paper white out of fear

Khushi Mera Friend Amruth on her suhag rath ..

And then On Radhikas wedding , they had the Jasmin flowers and Jeeju had allergy and they spend whole night sneezing …

That finally brought smile on khushi's face , Dee I want you to decorate My Bed too with jasmine

Payal relieved , Finally she actually believed she succeeded in her Mission explaining Suhag Rath


Payal made Khushi sit on the bed ,and told We are almost finished she once again checked Khushi's make up and jewelry  …and  I will put the veil on you , now wait for Arnavji to open it ..and she was about to put the veil
But seeing the evil smile on Khushis face, she doubted like always ..
Khushi Thuhmaree Khurafathi dimag mey kuch nahee chal raha na …..

Khushi I wish there is nothing going on your evil mind , already you have tried all patience of Arnavji ,
I ..Nobody can believe that you guys … even after 6 months ……  she smiled sheepishly

Ok Be a good girl and obey him ok , be nice ,  just obey …whatever he says …ok …ok .. Don’t make him angry …… don’t fight with him too  ... And its for your own good .. She blushed thinking something , may be angry Akash ..

And she quickly kissed her forehead and put the veil before Khushi could ask something and left her

Khushi confused , what was jeeji saying don’t fight ,  don’t make him angry ..for my own good .. Hmm I don’t need to make him angry , Being angry without any reason is Lard Governors favorite hobby ..uff

And obey him , Never and ..why she said for my own good ..Again insecurities haunted her mind and she once again checked her weapons ..that brought a smile on her lips ..she felt relieved .. Then she heard
NK shouting outside ,,

Nannav my brother ..u Devil… Congrats Nannav Finally … Aj thuhmara Ijjath lutney wala hi ..

She did not heard what Arnav Said ..
She to herself ..Khushi ..what they are talking about ..she started to shiver and felt all her defenses getting feeble 

NK:Ok ..OK ..I don’t know You Don’t have any Izzath
Arnav : WhAt!
Khushi (inside room) What the ! ..
NK continued ..glaring at fuming Arnav
I was talking about Khushiji  ok .. Don’t be a Monster Buddy …  be gentle ..sweet …. With Khushiji know ..Khushiji is so ..sos .
I know her well , after all she is my wife , ..ok No Thanks  I will handle her
She heard a possessive Arnav Retorting back in a very angry tone
The most Important point , Akash jeeju , Kithna Sweet and Sulja Hua hi , still dee scared of Suhag rath with him , Ab Socho Khushi Rakshas Ke Saath thera kya Hoga ….

Khushi ..escape ……………..


What the …

Arnav Stared at the empty bed ..then a naughty smile touched his lips .. He saw the flower garlands moving ,

Just escaped ..!  He muttered

Bathroom door is Ajar ..

Oh Holly !  He rubbed his forehead and with slow measured steps he stood in front of his cupboard and gently opened it ..

Yup ..Like he expected ..she was right there hiding , her face tightly covered with her both hands . He slowly bent towards her and softly blew on her face ..she shivered and quickly opened her eyes .. And pushed him instant ,

But he was strong and was conscious

He put his both hands on either side of the cupboard , giving her no space to escape ..

Hmm bolo Khushi ..What you want Your Suhag Rath in the Closet .. , I thought we will try it later ..after bed..

Jee …no ..Cheeeeeee ..Dekhiye ..she pointed her finger , he smirked

Yes ..I am seeing and want to see ..more ..

Ji …

I said I want to see you more..

Nahee ..She took the Mosquito coil hidden in her hand ..and showed him ..

I will burn it , if .. If ...

If I ….. He dangerously inched closer to her , instantly putting her in a semi conscious state ,

He slowly kissed her lower lip ever so gently , and paused for a second and continued a series of butterfly kisses along her chin line to cheek ..

Khushi … hushi …he whispered .. Do you want me to do everything here only . Shall I come in ..

She broke from her trans ..KYA .!!!

And fell down , but to his arms ..he took her to bed and slowly placed her .. On bed ..then gazed over the whole arrangements , even though he was dying to devour her , he not at all wanted to scare her , his love

He wanted her to relax a bit and deviate himself too  , because he don’t trust the monster growling inside him

He took a box that he brought with him , and opened it ,
She was facing the wall unable to look at him  , then she turned instantly Smelling her Fav jelebi’s
Jelebi! …She screamed .. And grabbed it from his hands and started to munch  , he watched her lovingly ..

She pushed one full piece inside her mouth and felt choked and wanted to drink , she turned to bed stand to get something to drink and she found the milk ..and she took the glass
After a bit she realized she had gone little overboard ..she paused ..

And ..then she remembered what Payal had told ..
She forgot her resentment with him ..she quickly took it
and extended it to him devouring the left over jelebi's and tried hard to speak as her mouth was still full of it ..

Ap ….ap .you drink first then ..i ..

No you drink , he smiled and offered her

No NO …Jeeji told me Its You ..Please Jaldee peejiye Na ..

Hmm ..U are in such a hurry he taunted , leaving her little confused
He drink little and then she took the rest instantly

And again continued her jelebi attack .
Now fed up especially seeing how her sugary lips glowing with jelebi syrup and  twisting and pouting , and desiring for jelibis he cant hold ..he huskily asked ..

Khushi ..wont you offer me Jelebi's

She got confused … and muttered  …but this is ..Sugar

He winked and said "no problem , today I can have as much a sugar I want  "

Before she could bombard him with here questions …he took her lips , completely making her speechless for the night Ahead …

-------------That’s It ……………..
-----------Now Tell Me How is it ----Pleaseee----------
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  1. Nice to have the pics along with the tale of a scared Khushi!!


    1. Hey thank You Dear ..
      Ya i love Pictures ,.

  2. Ab kya bolu main......speechlesswa ho gayi. YOu know why the others didn't comment coz they all faintwaa ho gaye.

    Will you continue this? This was fun. I hope they make it good in the show as well.

    1. hmm let me try if in mood after todays episode .. and please tag ur name at the end ..

  3. Khushi Khushi.... Kitna tadpaaoge apne pati koo???
    Arnav.... will he handle such a baby wife??? :-)

    1. Handling a baby wife is far better than handling a mummy wife , like poojali .Agree??.LOL

  4. Loved it. Too good. You made apt use of pictures with writing.

    1. :) i love pictures ... some pictures give me good ideas

  5. OMG this was so cute and nice i loved reading it!

  6. You are being so true to the characters. I can imagine Khushi being all flabbergasted just as you wrote and Arnav teasing her to no ends...

    1. but this time timing was really bad in the episode ..bechara arnav LOL

  7. What the....!!!!! Kya tha yaar.......mazaa wer perfect...effect badiya tha.....

  8. loved it.
    Nice use of pics.
    Thanx 4 d pm.

  9. Mmm...very nice. tfs.
    kbtr - IF

  10. tbh i think u coudve dun betta , especialky wid d storyline ... i mean with the pheras n stuff ... really ???

  11. Ye Khushi hi kar sakti hain... Escape frm. suhagraat... nd jaake baithi to wardrobe mein....
    Grt work... Keep it up...


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