Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OS : I am sorry Arnavji

She cant believe What she heard , Those short angry words actually thrown her to heaven , she forgot about their fight , the Dadi volcano about and expected to erupt soon , her own resolutions and believes

Those magical words and the man who recited it only made sense and in the same trance all she felt was to run to him and hug him and tell him how much those three words matters to her and how much right now she wanted to tell him that back

Arnav was blocked by Dadi on his way back to room ,

Ap …Shadi ke Koee bee Rasm bI naee ..  Us Besharam Ladkee
His eyes spit fire and he dangerously moved towards dadi making dadi take two steps back seeing the rage in him

She is My Wife , Not Again Dadi ..One word against her ..Not again

Why ? After what she had done .. Bina phere ke , 6 maheeney apke Sath …she scoffed

Merey Sath 6 maheeney mere Pathnee ban ke Rahee , and  for the rest of my life too

But na koee rasm Rivas  Badon Ka ashirwad , thum Dono samajthey kya hi Is Samaj Ko
Ap ..teek nahee kar rahey

Why Dadi ?? I am doing something wrong ??..I love her and mey usey mere pathnee man chukee hoom ,,Kya ye kaafi nahee Apko ..and …….. His lips twitched sarcastically but his eyes burned in fire ..

I believe Apkey betey ..my dad had done all the rituals and took all the blessings from elders and …what he had done with my mother .. Apkey Betey ne Saree Rasm follow karney ke baad bee kya kiya .??   

And that Shyam ….. He grit his teeth ..( his mind flashed Anjali's Grand wedding day and the terrace scene )  What is this rasm and rivas is some kind of license to men that after doing the procedure they can go any extend to hurt their wifes  , and for that also ur Samaj is giving its blessings …???
Whats the meaning of such fake promises , that after promising to hold on her hand till the end and just leave ditch in between ..

She is My wife , my Khushi ..and I don’t want to hear a single word against her , and remember I hold on her not to leave her , at any cost  …………..

With that said he raged back to his room ignoring a fuming ashamed dadi , khushi wiped of her tears of joy and hid her behind the door again whispered to herself
I am Sorry ..sorry
, she waited dadi to leave the corridor and rushed back to their room .with overwhelming joy , of knowing him completely his feelings …

But the moment she entered the room all her courage shattered , Things were thrown around the room , some stuff on the dressing table , CD rack already faced Arnav's wrath , and Arnav standing turning his back ,in front of the bed , beautifully decorated

She saw him rise his hands half in the air to remove the decoration, and then drop , she felt her insides die , he was trying to grab and remove the decorations he had made a while ago ,He heard the chiming , declaring her presence behind him ,

He did not turn back some seconds then suddenly ,  he turned and glared her angrily and completely ignoring ,non reciprocating the confused half smile she delivered to him to sooth him he stormed in to the bathroom


She heard water falling , dared not to knock and ask him sorry
She knew complete damage had done
She paced back and forth ..she heard him coming out ….then she decided something


He came out , and stood there shocked

He saw her waiting for him , in the middle of the bed , sitting softly hugging her knees her face is completely covered with veil , just like a perfect Dulhan waiting for her hubby
He was flabbergasted by her concern for him , and smiled at her innocence and the beautiful surprising effect of Bollywood on her

He crossed his arms over his chest ,stood  softly smiling waiting for her next move
He could sense the building impatience in her , when she did not seen any movement from him she got confused , she don’t know what to do next , she just slowly flipped the veil and tried to peep what he is doing

And their eyes met , his heart was swelled  with extreme love and affection for her cuteness, her serene dedication , there she thrown all her beliefs and dreams just for him , what could have he wish more . The scare and fear of her own actions were plainly written on her big hazel eyes
He slowly sat down and cupped her face , he felt her whole body shivering , scared ,he cant wait any longer he just hugged her tightly and patted her back , there was nothing carnal in his touches and soon she felt her heartbeats in peaceful rhythm with his , he felt wetness in his chest and he lifted her face ,She was crying!
Khushi ..he scared whether he scared her again , whether his actions gave her wrong sign , by then when his anger subsided he once again realized her fear for physical intimacy , though he understood it earlier that time in his playful mood he was all busy on teasing her , but now , yes things changed , she is his wife , and she need him , in every step , he felt annoyed at himself , He shouldn’t have hurried in the first place , he waited so long he could have waited more . And he promised himself , that he will do anything even if  doing every stupid rasm , which is not stupid anymore as it brings happiness to her , and her happiness is his mission, he loved to follow every step with her ,with all his heart , just to bring that cute smile in her face  , just for her happiness

I ..shouldn't have.. hurried forced for ..Suhag rath  I am sorry Khushi ..
She touched his lips stopping him

Nahee arnavji you should not , ye .. Ye ..Hum Nasamaj the,  I was immature , I didn’t realized .then  now ..i ..i . Understood ..

She looked at the beautiful decoration and fairy lights around them with equallu beautiful sparks in her eyes …when she said that

These all your   your  … love ..only ..and ..i ..tooo ..i i love .. She blushed and hid her face in his chest , he don’t wanted to miss that he lift her face up facing him

What did you said ?

She shied her cheeks turned beet red , Khushi ..I am waiting ..

She tried to escape rolled off him and escaped out of bed , he too stood up in complete playful mood , a recent entertainment to get instantly away from all his frustrations invented along with his wife .
They started the game , Khushi was finding it difficult to run away with her lahanga Khushi ran around the incliner , and Finally arnav succeeded to catch her making both fall on the incliner , then he started to laugh uncontrollably thinking something ,Khushi beneath him  Khushi looked lovingly at his happy face ..

Arnavji …Arnavji

Ha ha I was thinking he started to say something then stopped ..

What Khushi was curious 

He shook his head and decided not to tell her what he thought , actually he was thinking about mamijis comments if they had broke the incliner , luckily it was much stronger than the bed

What ..

Nothing Khushi , he tried to stand up ..because he really don’t know how explain his naïve wife the adult fun in Mami'c comments and even if he say it he is only going to confuse her more

Nothing Khushi You will not understand  and he tried to stand up with the same smile in his face now little wider thinking about how khushi would perceive if she heard any of it

Khushi frowned she felt he may be making fun of something on her for sure
Nahee You have to tell me

He paused narrowed his eyebrows and looked at his pouting cute wife , he again felt the same desire building up inside him causing him to feel ..  Not again Man ! ..he sighed heavily dismissing the building tension ,
Nothing  he firmly said and was about leave her

No .. I want to know ...And then she pulled him down , it was an unexpected move from her and he landed right on her and, he fell , with his mouth exactly touching covering her most sensitive nub right above her heart and then …. They felt their heart beats stop for an eternity !

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  1. oho loved it.
    Continue soon.
    Thanx 4 d pm.

    1. Thank u for ur regular comments Mishty .i cant continue ..u can ..imagine lol ;)

  2. tat was sooooo sweet os dear:):):)
    thnx 4 pm:):):)

  3. Mhhhh... H,mmmmm... Write moooooooooooooore!!! :-)
    Was watchin it actually insted of reading!! ;-)
    Well done dear!!

    1. Thank u dear ;) Pictures Mast Tha na ...

  4. loved it. pls update soon :)

  5. OMG!!! Please update soon ...

    1. another one ..not this ..i cant ..my heartbeats also stopped

  6. nice one.. i was watching it.. :p write more ..

  7. Ouee jadugharbi read first arshi os because u wrote it....
    Orherwise my mind is still wd my heart lolllzzz
    btw owesome os i liked it and all pictures are justt wohhaas lovd it keep it up good wrkkj :-) :-) :-)

    1. Hi La ...Hi La ..Actually Jumping In Joy .... Mera ,,Mera ..Sirf Mera Mirror Mirror Image Commented me Back ...
      the only person who calls me jadugarni is U My stupid Unzip ...

      ya ya he was once my heart too but now he turned to a gay and i am not a man to love him ;)

  8. Ooh!

    Loved it!

    Too cute!

    And a little hot too!

    Thank you for the Pm!


    1. LOL u only comment when it turn Hot :)

  9. its beautiful...
    lets hope now after the remarriage will get something like this...


    1. After remarriage ? hmm ya Khushi will be kHushi only Ha Ha

  10. OMG...wd hpnd nxt???? plzzzz update soon...:)

  11. baki ka phere k baad dekhny ko mily ga kya :-) excellent work Mee, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank You Ya Ya phere ke bad Real mey Jo Milney Wala hi ..Phir Os kee Kya Zaroorath ..

  12. i never knew u got a blog maggi

    nice work


  13. This is -Sunset- from India forums...

    Loved your story...It's amazing

    Khushi is so cute and innocent

  14. loved it
    Mee u r such a good writer. keep it up honey :)

  15. this is an arshi fan speaking
    i jus really cant believe dat deres soo many ppl lyk me who cant 4get arshi !!!
    they make me cry n laugh ... happy n sad

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED UR OS - KEEP THEM COMIN PLZZZ ... gotta go n watch ipkknd on life ok ... bye

  16. Dear, I like all your post. Everything looks so sweet, I admire this kind of life and the best wishes for you. Hope that we can communicate with each other. By the way, anybody want to boost app ranking ? This one is useful.


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